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Friday, 4 October 2013

Pirates Village - Liffey Valley

Last Saturday took the kids to Pirates Village in Liffey Valley, Dublin. When we got there Lucy fell asleep so she didn’t see much of it. Jack loved it.  He’s such a little dare devil. He loves the tallest inflatable slide. My nerves were shot the first few times he went on it but he is well able, I probably need to realise he’s not a little baby anymore he’s a proper little boy who is able for these kind of things. 

I would have got photos of him actually coming down the slide but a little boy fell on him on the steps and he was a bit upset and that was the end of the slides for the day!

When Lucy eventually woke up, she had a go on the baby bouncy castle after a little encouragement but she wasn’t sure at all, even though she’s been on them before. Then she saw a smaller version of the slide Jack was going on and she wanted to go on it. She was definitely too little for it on her own she wouldn’t have made it up the steps. So what happens mammy has to bring her on!!

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